Cooking Demonstrations

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Cooking Demonstrations

Cooking Demonstrations | Catering For All It's Worth - Rochester, MN

Sometimes it may seem like a daunting and challenging task to step into the kitchen and prepare any type of recipe. These are perfect times to check into hiring Catering For All It's Worth. We offer cooking demonstrations to satisfy all of you and your guests’ culinary tastes. We will use only ingredients that meet your dietary requirements and restrictions. Our chef has what it takes to bring culinary heaven into your home.

Our cooking demonstrations require that you have enough work space for our chef to work safely and effectively. We need grill access, a reasonable countertop area, and cleaned grilling area. That means if it has recently snowed in the Rochester, MN area when our chef is expected to come to your house, the grill is cleaned of all snow. We will also need use of your refrigerator and icebox, as we will need enough space for our chef to store menu ingredients.

You can sit back and watch our chef during our cooking demonstrations. We will show you how to use cooking and kitchen utensils, including knives, whisks, peelers, and corers. You will also learn how to decipher between different types of cutting boards, pots, pans, and which materials are best for your needs. Different appliances like food processors, grinders, blenders, and mixers will be discussed in detail.

Different types of cooking methods like steaming, broiling, boiling, grilling, and par boiling will all be covered in detail. You will walk away from our classes with a greater appreciation for all cooking methods and how they can fit into your busy lifestyle. Our chef takes pride in enhancing culinary horizons and does it with ease and friendship.

The individual items used during your demonstration will depend on your personal desires. Just discuss your concerns with our chef when scheduling the cooking demonstration. Your questions will be answered in a very easy-to-understand manner. Please note that we do not provide liquor or bar service.

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