Cooking Classes

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Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes | Catering For All It's Worth - Rochester, MN

Cooking classes are one of the hottest culinary trends around nowadays. Almost everyone wants to learn how to cook to save money, control dietary intake, eat healthier, and have a greater connection with their food. You can take advantage of this by using Catering For All It's Worth for your next interactive “hands on” cooking class. Our chef will come into your home and show you how easy it is to become a home cook. It is much easier than you may believe.

Hands-on cooking classes, are fantastic ways to entertain a group for the day or evening. The classes give you and your group a chance to prepare food and perform individual culinary tasks. Tasks will be assigned and supervised by our chef. A community of enjoyment, learning, and sharing will be experienced by everyone in attendance. You will learn about spices, herbs, and a variety of foods. All classes will use ingredients that you and our chef discuss beforehand. You could also learn new ways to use old foods, if that is your choice.

Our cooking classes can fit into most busy lifestyles. Residents in the Rochester, MN area can work with our chef and contract with us to arrange a convenient time for our services.

After you, your guests, and our chef are done with the cooking class, you can sit down and enjoy the food. Our classes have a reputation for turning students into lifelong culinary lovers. Culinary professionals enjoy sharing their passion for food with others. Our chef is no different. Contact us now to schedule a fun, informative, and interactive cooking class with us.

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